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he internet is replete with dubious testimonials. With all our hard work over the years, people have taken notice. We take great pride in what we do and nothing makes it all feel worth while like a glowing review of our work. So please help us engage in some unmitigated shameless self promotion by reading a review or two…..

Becoming the best-reviewed firm on the internet wasn't easy. And these aren't your typical internet testimonials (where Mary S. from Whitby can't stop gushing about her new laundry detergent). These are the real-deal – honest to goodness reviews – authored by the mass of happy clients we leave in our wake. Choose a link below!
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From the great reviews and recommendations I’ve seen on this site from others, combined with my personal experience, these are the only ones I would go to for my next ticket.

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Needless to say I – as a lawyer – am impressed with the professional, lawyer-like work done for me by Forch, John and their Redline Legal team. I recommend Redline Legal to anyone interested in hiring traffic legal professionals willing and capable of doing creative legal work and genuinely looking after a client’s best interests.

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Redline-Legal-Services-Recommended They made three court appearances for me, and vigorously fought the case on all legal grounds. The charge against me was withdrawn this week

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Just another accolade for Redline Services. They were honest,upfront and accurate from day one. Sent a very pleasent follow-up email outlining the outcome of said infraction, those guys are professinal and capable in every way. THANK YOU REDLINE………..

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The guys at redline not only got me off, they made a mockery of the cop who pulled me over in front of the JP/crown. That’s not the point though, i was a dumb **** for doing it.

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These guys are great. Henry was a pleasure to deal with. I’ve gone to them a few times now and they have consistently achieved EXCELLENT results :)